What is It?

Business Insurance is used to transfer the risk of financial losses in the event of an accident or anything going wrong during your business activities. This is usually customized to your chosen business and industry and can help to cover the costs of compensation, legal fess and a variety of other costs incurred from a claim. The benefit of this is allowing you to focus on what you do best, safe in the knowledge you are prepared for the unexpected.

Do I need Business Insurance?

This is a difficult question to answer outright as situations vary. However, every company in the UK with employees by law has to have Employers Liability Insurance. It is also advised to have other covers such as public liability cover if you have any contact or clients on your premises. The claims should an accident occur can be large, and your insurance policy can provide peace of mind.

Other policies may be legally required in certain industries and expected by clients and industry bodies in others. It’s always worth contacting your broker to ensure you have everything you need. They can often find you the best prices on the market that wouldn’t be available otherwise, as well as tailoring your policy to your needs.

Below are some of the types of policies

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