Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance covers legal costs, compensation, medial fees and repair claims if members of the public, suppliers or clients incur an injury or property damage because of your business. This could be on your own premises or work carried out away from this at a client’s location, and covers anything you sell, install or manufacture.

Even when you do everything right, accidents happen. Any business can face compensation claims and related legal fees, whether you’re a freelance individual or own a small business This form of cover isn’t a legal requirement, however most business’s consider it essential considering the ramifications should a claim occur and the costs can be sizeable. It is also often the case that clients require or prefer you to have public liability cover, as it also reduces the risks for them.

How much cover?

This will vary from client to client and the amount you will need will depend on your business and the activities it undertakes. The higher the risks the higher amount of cover you will need, for example, it could be because it involves dangerous equipment or it puts you in frequent contact with numbers of the public. On the opposite side to this, if your business for example only operates online or over the phone, you are unlikely to need as high levels of insurance.

Cover levels generally start from £1 million upwards which can seem extremely high, particularly to smaller businesses. But remember that if a third party makes a claim against you, compensation for medical costs, ongoing care, loss of earnings and more can mount up quickly.

What’s the cost?

As with the amount of cover, the cost will vary and depend on the activities your business undertakes and the amount of Public Liability cover you purchase. Contact us today for more information and to obtain quotes for your business.

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